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TIS opened its trade and consumer show services division in 1978. Over the last four decades, TIS Show Services developed into the leading supplier of specialized event services for the trade and consumer show industry in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, and surrounding areas.

As one of the major event agencies on the East Coast, TIS has gained a most trustworthy reputation of providing qualified, professional, and experienced event teams for every type of client and venue. Centrally located in the heart of Montreal, TIS offices include a 3000 sq. ft. warehouse servicing local and outlying areas, including Quebec City and Ottawa.

Our management team is composed of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the trade show services industry. They understand all components, particularities, and strategies of putting together the right people and the right elements to make every trade show a success. They are passionate and knowledgeable, and thrive to make every event the best experience for both the clients and their guests.

Tony Salmon - Event Staffing Agency

Tony Salmon


Tony came to the trade show industry in 1978 while working in a related business. He very quickly noticed there was a strong demand for specialized teams services for the tradeshow industry. With his leadership and entrepreneurial skills, Tony was able to lead a start-up company to becoming Quebec’s largest service provider in the tradeshow industry in only a few years. As TIS continues to expand it’s services, Tony strives to ensure that top quality customer service remains the key ingredient.

Fraser Eardley - TIS Show Services - Event Staffing Agency

Fraser Eardley

Vice President

While studying Industrial Relations at McGill University Fraser began working part time as an installer for TIS Show Services. Upon graduation in 1989, having discovered the show industry to be a dynamic and challenging fast paced environment, Fraser accepted a position as personnel manager for TIS Show Services. As the business and services have expanded Fraser has moved into the roles of Operations Manager then Vice President. As Vice President, Fraser’s objectives are to develop new business relationships and to grow TIS Show Services by following our simple but successful corporate strategy of providing superior event and exhibit services by ensuring the smooth installation and dismantling of events, coordinating teams services and taking care of all details for flawless and hassle free events.

Mark Howland - TIS Show Services - Event Staffing Agency

Mark Howland

Installation manager

After immigrating to Canada from Dover England from the construction & mining industry in 1997, Mark joined TIS Show Services as part of our trade show installation team. With a strong
technical background, problem solving attributes & excellent leadership skills, Mark quickly rose as one of TIS’s main supervisors. After 8 years as an installer Mark moved into a managerial role for I&D. From this role Mark is able to exercise his organizational skills, coordination & customer service while adding his expertise to all our I&D projects.

Yves Lapierre - TIS Show Services - Event Staffing Agency

Yves Lapierre

Event manager

Yves is dynamic, bilingual with an experience of over 20 years in numerous areas, mostly in personnel management (multidisciplinary teams, customer service, construction field, safety, small or extensive work teams (100-150), event organization and research both in university and professional environments).
He joined our industry almost 15 years ago. Yves was immediately fascinated by the need for practical solutions to meet urgent needs of his customers as well as the required decision making skills necessary in this industry. Yves is an excellent communicator and a hard worker, and displays an acute analytical ease, Yves possesses a unique ability in candidate selection for an exceptional execution of his different mandates.

With its extensive on-call database of professional and multilingual people offering many different skill sets, TIS is the best choice for events and exhibit services. We invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions about our event and exhibit services.

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