Trade show set up, installation and dismantling services

Trade show set up services in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and surrounding areas. Your trade show begins before you greet your first visitor and ends long after the doors are shut. We want you to concentrate on what goes on in between and let us handle the rest. TIS professional and experienced trade show set up and display our team of installers will ensure punctual installation and dismantling of your show or booth.

Offering close to four decades of experience in trade show set ups, TIS qualified installers will assist you in installing, dismantling, and packing your exhibit, festival, promotional event or special project, no matter the size or complexity. Rely on our seasoned experts to give you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on your clients.

Over the years, we had the great pleasure to help create unique trade show set up installations for some of the worlds biggest brands including Samsung, Virgin, Hershey’s, Porsche, Sony, Miele, Nespresso, Blackberry and many more. We invite you to view our portfolio of past events and trade show booths, stalls and kiosks.

scope-of-tis-servicesTrade Show Staffing Capabilities


Our I&D team can assist you with all formats of displays from small modular displays and basic pop-ups to system display or large custom designed displays. Our experienced trade show set-up installers execute your project in a time sensitive and cost efficient manner. TIS offers a vast array of I&D services:

  • Complete supervised installations;
  • Exhibit planning to full installation within the required timeframe;
  • Possibility of shipping your display directly to TIS warehouse for advance storage including transport to and from the show venue.
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Installation & Dismantling


As part of our vast offering of trade show services, TIS has a long history of providing qualified and experienced display installers for the trade and consumer show industry, backed up by our personalized service. TIS can easily provide crews of up to 200 or more I&D installers who are experienced in handling all the common systems and modular displays as well as custom installations of all sizes.

At all major shows and events, TIS will have an on-site manager to ensure that our customers receive the personalized attention required. All of our installation and dismantling crews come equipped with ladders, job boxes, and specialized equipment to complete the jobs.
IconTIS decorators


TIS has, over the years, developed deep-rooted service partnerships with some of the largest show contractors in the region. We provide I&D teams ranging anywhere from 1 to 80 specialized installers to:

  • Mount system displays, including Octonorm, Maxim and Klick and Nimlock;
  • Lay down booth carpets;
  • Install pipe and drape;
  • Connect lighting fixture;
  • Place and secure aisle carpets.
The objective of TIS I&D staff is to create a smooth and seamless show installation so that your show or event is fully functional, professional, attractive, and clean.
IconTIS retail installations


In recent years, TIS has received numerous mandates for retail installation of displays, mall tour promotions, service and maintenance contracts for some leading brand products as well as product roll outs. Due to the frequency of these events, we have become very familiar with most of the shopping malls, providing beneficial logistical information during the planning stages.
IconSpecial Isntalation Projects


TIS also offers years of experience in providing trade show staffing for your special projects such as festivals, sporting events, ride & drives, promotional events, corporate launches, to name but a few.

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Unforeseen challenges iconTIS unforseen challenges


The show must go on is a motto that TIS lives by and problem solving under tight deadlines is one of our strong suits. Installing displays at trade shows and events will inevitably lead to some unexpected surprises, such as damaged graphics, missing display materials, wrong shipments, etc. As an experienced event staffing agency, TIS has a wide spectrum of industry contacts and suppliers, who are ready to assist with solving unforeseen challenges that might occur.
Logistics and Storage iconTIS logistics services


TIS offers storage and transportation services when you wish to ship your booth or display directly to our warehouse and have the TIS I&D team deliver, install, and dismantle it at the trade show site. This eliminates the risk of delays due to transportation logistics issues or misplaced freight. It also removes the need for bulk carriers since your exhibit is already stored with TIS installers responsible for the I&D.

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